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Mar 6, 2020

How do babies learn to crawl, walk, and run? In this podcast, we talk about learning with Dr. Vanessa Simmering. She's a Senior Research Scientist in Learning Solutions and studies learning and development.

Last year, she wrote about how babies learn to walk. In "Lessons from Learning to Walk," Simmering shared three ideas about the foundations of learning and how they relate to "higher-order" skills like social interactions and language development.

For this podcast, we also discuss the Stroop Color and Word Test (try it here), crystallized versus fluid intelligence, and the Dynamic Systems Theory of learning.

Joining us on the podcast are Gunter Maris (listen to his interview on The Wiring of Intelligence), Michael Yudelson, Kristin Stoeffler, and Saad Khan. They share their views on learning and intelligence.

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the authors only and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of ACT, Inc.

Visit to read a transcript of the show.